Which kitchen design is the best?

A new report from French kitchen design site Célébre has revealed the best kitchen design in France.

The survey, which looked at more than 1,300 restaurants across France, also found that the French are in love with their kitchen design.

According to Célebre, the average customer spends around $7,000 on their kitchen, but it’s worth noting that French diners are more likely to spend over $10,000 in a single visit to a restaurant.

French food lovers love their French kitchen and want it to look their very best.

However, this is a big step up from the average French customer, who only likes to buy the cheapest item on the menu.

French diners like their cooking to be very unique and fresh, with ingredients sourced locally.

This is where the kitchen design comes into its own.

The survey also found French people like to cook with their hands, and that’s why French chefs and food designers are known for their hand-drawn designs.

While the survey shows the French kitchen is still a little behind the rest of the world, the study also suggests that people are more than willing to pay extra for a high-quality kitchen design as opposed to a simple one-off design.

Célebro found that consumers are willing to spend more on a French kitchen if it has a beautiful, contemporary design.

Célébro said the survey also shows that the more customers know about a particular kitchen design the more likely they are to buy it.

Ceset’s kitchen design also tops the French menu, with customers paying a premium for it, with the average price of the French cookbook reaching $2,800.