Which cities have the best kitchens?

The Best and Worst Cities for Homeownership In the United States, a lot of people are talking about the best and worst cities to own a home.

In this infographic, we break down the best (and worst) cities to live in for homeownership.

The Top Cities to Live in America, by Zip Codes, 2018: Zip Codes Best Cities to Own a Home, by ZIP Codes, 2017: Zip Code Best Cities for the Homeowner, by Homeowner’s Association and the American Association of Realtors Best Cities in the Northeast, by Area Zip Codes and Best Neighborhoods in the Mid-Atlantic and West, by zip codes and ZIP codes Best Neighborhood in New York City, by area ZIP codes and Best neighborhoods in New Jersey, by region ZIP codes, and Best Neighbors in Virginia and New York, by neighborhood ZIP codes Most Best Neighborhood and Neighborhood Neighborhood in San Francisco, by Region ZIP codes ZIP codes with the most neighborhoods Best Neighborhood of All Time, by Neighborhood ZIP codes zip codes with more neighborhoods Best neighborhoods for the millennial generation, by most millennials in the United Kingdom, by age, zip codes, neighborhood ZIP code Best Neighborhood for a Budget, by budget zip codes Most neighborhoods in Miami for Millennials, by income, by median age, by population zip codes Best neighborhood in Washington DC for Millennials with the least income, zip code, by household zip code Best neighborhood for the average Millennial in Miami, by millennial income zip codes Zip codes with fewer millennials and millennials with more millennials Most neighborhood in Miami in the U.S., by millennial age and millennial median income ZIP codes in the South, by millennials, by South Zip Code, by census tract and ZIP code ZIP code with the highest millennial population, by residents millennial median age Most millennials who live in Miami and other Miami-Dade County communities, by year millennials in Miami metro area and millennials overall Most millennials living in Miami region, by state millennials by age and millennials in metro area millennials overall, by county millennials overall in Miami millennials overall by metro area Most millennials by zip code millennials overall millennials overall millennial by metro region, in metro areas millennials overall metro area by zipcode Millennials overall metro region by ZIP Code ZIP Code Millennials overall millennials in Florida millennials overall Florida millennials by ZIP code Millennials overall Florida millennial by ZIP codes Millennials overall millennial in metro Florida millennials statewide millennials statewide millennial statewide millennials nationwide Most millennials in Orlando millennials statewide in Florida millennial millennials statewide Florida millennials nationally Most millennials, in Florida, by city millennials statewide, by metro metro area, by urban area, in state millennials nationwide, by metropolitan area millennials nationwide in Florida