Which NFL player would you build a new house with?

The Cleveland Browns are set to be the newest team to unveil their new home in 2019.

Cleveland Browns President Joe Banner said Monday that the team is about to unveil a new home that will be called the Industrial Kitchen Design Suite.

The suite will be a collection of homes that can be built using the industrial kitchen design toolkit, Banner said.

It is also set to include a suite of smaller homes that will have similar characteristics, he said.

The new home is scheduled to be unveiled at a ribbon-cutting event in April 2019.

The Browns, who have a new stadium under construction in Cleveland, will unveil the new home to fans at the stadium, the Browns’ official website says.

It’s not known whether the new facility will be located in the Browns stadium.

The team plans to begin selling the suite of homes in 2018, and the suites will then be available to homeowners for a fee, Banner added.

The home will feature a three-level basement with a three, four and five-bedroom suites, according to the site.

A four-bedroom suite will have a “living room/kitchen area,” a dining area, a bedroom, a living area and a master bedroom, Banner noted.

It will have two bathrooms and a “kitchen” space, and a one-bedroom “kitchenside” suite will also have a kitchen, the site says.

The site says the home will be available in the first quarter of 2019.