How to DIY your own kitchen island

In the midst of the kitchen island craze, designer Kevin Kelly is bringing his custom island designs to life.

The design is inspired by the modern kitchen design and incorporates the best elements of a modern kitchen and modern living space.

The island design was inspired by a recent trip to Italy where Kelly visited several island communities to build an island in the middle of the ocean and recreate his own island paradise.

In the photo below, Kelly’s island is built from reclaimed concrete, with a water pool, island terraces and a garden.

The garden features a garden that mimics the traditional Italian garden with a full-size vine and a collection of plants.

The home is set in a large outdoor courtyard with a deck that is reminiscent of an Italian patio.

Kelly’s project features a kitchen island, but the island can also be a traditional island living space or an outdoor living area.

He says the island has been built for an extended stay and the interior of the home is made of recycled materials from the local landfill.

Kelly is currently working on a new design for his island.

He will be releasing a new island design each year.

Kelly plans to build his island for around five years, but he says that the project will not be limited to just one year.

For more from Kelly, visit the designer’s website. 

The Modern Kitchen Island Designs, available now at the Design Store and online.