Luxury kitchen designs from China

A new luxury kitchen design app from China is making its way around the world.

The app, called “Kitchen Floor Design” and available for iOS and Android, is a product of Beijing-based developer Design Lab and its parent company, China National University of Design.

The app is designed to make the design process a bit easier for Chinese designers.

The main idea behind the app is to bring more transparency to the design work process, according to the developer.

It uses an open-source software tool called “Design Studio” that’s available for free to designers and users worldwide.

The design tool is built by the same developers who built the “kitchen wall” app that has been popular for years in the United States.

The App Store page for “Kitchens Floor Design.”

A big part of the app’s appeal is that it’s a great way to start a new design project, according a post on the app on Design Lab’s website.

It’s a quick way to learn how to create an app that works on a budget, according the developer, which means there’s no need to get an experienced design team involved.

The company also offers free access to the tool and has an online community for designers to share their projects.

“We wanted to create a tool that would be able to create high-quality designs in a short period of time,” said Design Lab CEO Zhang Yan.

“Design Lab is able to take advantage of the global market by providing this platform for designers worldwide.

We want to be the tool for all designers worldwide.”

Design Lab’s “Kitchness” app allows users to create their own designs from scratch and share them with the world, which can then be printed out and used in any design studio around the globe.

The tool also allows users the option to save the design they create and print it out to a 3D printer or laser printer.

There’s also an option to import the design to Photoshop or Illustrator, which allow users to easily share the design with friends and family.

Design Lab launched “Kitchess” in June and has since sold more than 300,000 copies, according Google Analytics.

The company also has a mobile app and website for users in China, which allows users in the country to download the app.

The Chinese version of the App Store, which includes an English-language version, is still in beta testing.