‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star who lost her mother is a DIY foodie

“I had my mom, she was my mom,” she says of her mom, Michelle, who died in 2011.

“She made me into a chef.

So I started working with my mom on her food, and I’m a real foodie.

So she gave me her recipes and the way I make food.”

Michelle and her husband, Josh, are longtime Atlanta foodies, having grown up in the city.

“I grew up in Georgia and Georgia has a really good food scene,” she said.

“Atlanta is a good place to start a business.”

While Michelle’s cooking prowess is undeniable, she also brings her mother’s knowledge to the table with her own recipes.

“A lot of her cooking was her mom’s,” she continued.

“We started making our own food and experimenting with different things.

She was very influential on me growing up.”

Michelle says she first learned about making food from her mother when she was 13.

“My mom was in the kitchen and she was doing this amazing thing where she was cooking the rice and stuff,” she recalls.

“So I went to school and I wanted to be like her, and she had this amazing kitchen that she built for me.”

I’m like, ‘Oh, she’s just a good cook, you can’t tell me that. “

But my mom is a very private person.

I’m like, ‘Oh, she’s just a good cook, you can’t tell me that.

I have to trust her.'”

Michelle says her mother would often share her recipes with her friends and family, “and I just remember that she would cook things like that and share it with her family.”

Michelle is currently working on her second cookbook, which is slated for release this summer.

She says the book will be “very personal,” explaining that she has never worked with her mom before.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to call this cookbook.

It’s not going to be a cookbook about cooking.

It will be about cooking,” Michelle said.

She also explained that she was going to make the book herself.

“This is going to just be about my cooking,” she added.

“It’s not like a cook book where you go and make something.

I just want to be my own chef.

I don’t want to go to anyone and ask to be her chef.”