Themed kitchen remodel designer explains how she makes a difference

Designer Stephanie Danker is the founder of Mediterranean Kitchen Design, an upscale restaurant remodel kitchen design firm that has designed restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Miami and Chicago.

Dankers restaurant design studio specializes in high-end restaurants.

Danks kitchen remodels for high-class restaurants include the $5,000 restaurant remodels at The Bowery in New York and the $2.5 million restaurant remodeling at the Hotel California in Los Feliz.

She has also designed for highbrow restaurants including the $20 million renovation of the Grand Central Terminal in New Jersey.

Danking is a trained chef who has worked in kitchens in New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Los Angeles.

In addition to her restaurants, Dankerbess specializes in kitchens at the Boweries and Grand Central terminals.

She is also the founder and chief executive of Dankering, which focuses on high-profile kitchens in major cities like New York.

In a recent interview with The American Conservatives, Danks first-hand account of her kitchen remodeling experience is well worth a listen.

DANKER: I actually started working at the Grand, and I got hired for that, and they were like, Oh my god, what is this place?

I’m really looking forward to working here.

So I went in there and there was no information about it, and so I went back to New York to see if there was anything I could do for them.

And I was like, wow, this is such a great place.

So after working there for a little while, I was hired for the Bowersy.

So that was really exciting, because I’m going to be able to actually be in front of the customers.

And they had me on a lot of the menus.

They really wanted to know how I was doing, and what my expertise was.

So it was kind of a no-brainer to get into that.

And when they said yes, I went on and I actually ended up with some great work.

And there were a lot more jobs that I did than there were people working there, and there were no distractions.

So the experience was really fun.

I’m glad that I went to the Benders.

DANA WEINBERG: I remember working in the Biersch in Los Vegas.

I had a lot on my plate.

I was working in kitchens and it was really stressful.

But I was so happy because I got to go on the biergarten, I got a chance to sit down and talk to some people, and it felt like I was at home.

DANNY WEINBECK: I was really excited because I was trying to make a new family.

I’d never had kids.

I just thought I’d be a little bored and I’d just go off and do my own thing.

So then I went and worked in the kitchen at the Westin in New Haven, Connecticut.

And it was great because I had some people who I knew.

And because of the job title, it was also my opportunity to meet other people who were working there.

So all the people that I met, they were really welcoming and they really appreciated me, and that really was really nice.

So we had a really great time.

We really bonded.

And then I got the opportunity to work with some of the people in the New York kitchen and they also were really helpful and supportive.

And that was the beginning of my career.

DANYA WEINER: It was like an extension of me.

I thought I was just going to go work in the kitchens, and then one day I’m like, I don’t know, maybe I can actually be an inspiration.

And so I’m in a place that I really wanted.

And you just feel like you’re going to give something back to the world.

So to the people who are working there and the people at the other end, I feel like I’m doing a really good job.

And the staff at the New Haven kitchen, it really has been a great experience, because they’ve been so kind and so supportive.

Danya Weinberger is a restaurant and design veteran with years of experience in kitchens.

Her resume includes restaurant and bar design work at the famous La Perla in Venice and The Biersbier at the Old Globe in New Amsterdam, the original location of The Biergarden in Los Cabos.

She also worked at the iconic Bier Garten in Chicago, as well as at the legendary Bierkarten at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New London, Connecticut and the New Orleans Kitchen at the Trianon, the historic Parisian restaurant, where she designed the kitchen design for the famed restaurant Les Miserables.