How to Build a Kitchen Wall Tile Design that’s Unique to You

Designers everywhere are looking for a great wall tile design, and here at The Sport Book, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re designing a small kitchen, or a large kitchen, we know that it takes a few designs to create the perfect look.

So, why not check out some of our favorite kitchen wall tile designs and create a custom design for your home?

Start here.1.

Wall Tiles by Michaela Zink from Zink & Zink design studio3.

House Wall Tile by Julie Pender from Pender & PenderDesign studio4.

A New Era in Wall Tiled Design by Melissa Gorman from Design Lab5.

A Decorative Kitchen Tile by Mimi Alvarado from Alvarados DesignStudio6.

Designing for the Kitchen: Using a Table Wall for the Home by Kate Schildbach from Schildbauer DesignStudio7.

The Art of Wall Tiling by Liana Chaudhuri from the Art of Tile8.

The New Art of Kitchen Tile Design by Karen Dillard from Dillard DesignStudio9.

Kitchen Tile Designs for the New Home: From Simple to Fancy by Karen Lien from DesignLab10.

Design Ideas for a New Home by Julie Sargent from DesignWorkshop