Italy Kitchen Design Tool Free!

Italian kitchen design software maker, iLUKS, is hosting a contest to win a free kitchen design kit, the company said on Tuesday.

The contest, which runs until November 29, will see winners choose a new kitchen design for a client in need.

The winning kitchen design is eligible for a free, limited edition kitchen design Kit that will be sent to the winner in the mail within three months of the contest’s conclusion.

The kit is designed for use with a kitchenette, so it can be configured to suit individual tastes and needs, and can be used in either the office or the living room.

The winner is also eligible to receive a complimentary subscription to the iLukS blog, which provides news and features from the maker.

The free kit will also be available to any third party, according to the company.

The maker of iLULUS is an online community for Italian design software makers.

The makers of the iLCU, which is also known as iLUX, are also launching a competition to win its first kitchen design.

The competition is open until December 9.

The winners of the competition will be notified by email by December 18.

The iLUS kitchen design will be available in a number of sizes, including standard, standard and mini, as well as a range of colour options.

The company also launched a new mobile app on its site for users to learn more about the company and to submit their design proposals.

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