How to get an Instagrammable mini fridge with the help of a little magic

Smaller, easier to install mini fridge systems are becoming more common.

Nowadays, we’ve got an iPhone and a camera on every front of the fridge.

These mini fridge units are small, easy to install and offer plenty of storage space.

But how do you turn a simple kitchen into a mini fridge?

How do you build a mini refrigerator from scratch?

If you’ve ever used a kitchen appliance like a pressure cooker, the answer is simple: just plug in the wires.

If you don’t, you might have a difficult time finding the right kind of electrical outlet.

That’s where a little DIY magic comes in.

For this project, we’ll be using a pressure-cooker to create a small, portable fridge.

You can find all of the steps for creating your own DIY fridge here.


Find a cheap kitchen appliance 2.

Find some wire cutters 3.

Cut the wires 4.

Solder wires to the wires 5.

Install the refrigerator 6.

Check it out Now, you’ve probably heard of “wireless charging.”

This is the technology that allows your phone or tablet to charge and charge while you’re in a room.

It works by allowing you to plug in your phone, and then wirelessly charge it when you’re not in your pocket.

While this is great for getting your phone to charge while in a small space, it can get quite cumbersome when trying to charge a larger appliance.

For our fridge, we decided to use a pressure cooker to power it.

It can charge our fridge in under 30 seconds.

This can save you a ton of time when you want to charge your microwave or other electronics in your kitchen.

You’ll notice that the pressure cooker can do this without the use of a wall outlet.

Simply connect the wire to the wall outlet in the kitchen and then plug in to it.

This way, you’ll never have to use your phone while you are cooking.

We used this model from Amazon, but any similar outlet will work.

Once the fridge is fully charged, you can then use the pressure cookers power to turn on the appliance.

In the above photo, you see how the fridge turns on.

It takes approximately 10 seconds to get the fridge to turn itself on, and the fridge can then be set to start charging automatically when you turn the refrigerator on.

Once it’s fully charged and powered, you’re ready to take your kitchen appliances out for a spin.

To power your fridge, simply plug the wires into the outlet in your fridge.

If the fridge has a built-in charger, you may want to use that instead of plugging the wire into the wall.

For more information on how to install a pressure cooking appliance, check out our video guide to using a portable electric pressure cooker.


Add a TV To make the most of your fridge and kitchen appliances, you don,t need to buy a whole new kitchen.

Instead, you could just add a TV to the fridge and your kitchen appliance.

This allows you to get more out of your appliances, which in turn can help reduce your energy bill.

There are a number of different ways to add a television to your fridge or kitchen.

Some options include using a microwave oven to charge the microwave oven, using an electric stove to charge an electric cooker, or using a small refrigerator to charge another small appliance.

1 .

Buy a TV that can power your appliance The easiest way to add an appliance to your refrigerator is to buy an appliance that can charge your appliance.

If your fridge doesn’t already have an internal outlet, you should look into getting one.

In most cases, the kitchen appliance will be powered by an external outlet.

In some cases, you will need to purchase an outlet for your appliance if it is a standard outlet.

Most appliances, however, will only require a 5 amp outlet for charging.

So if your fridge already has an internal power outlet, this will be the easiest way.

If not, you need to find an outlet that will work for your fridge to charge.

You will also want to make sure that your refrigerator has enough room to hold the appliance before you add it to the refrigerator.

For the pressure cooking, we used a 3 foot long aluminum foil.

We wrapped the foil around a 1.25 inch diameter stainless steel door and used a large hammer to hammer it in place.

If it didn’t hold, we wrapped the door with a piece of plywood, taped it shut with duct tape, and secured the door using two 3 foot lengths of wood.

Once we had our door sealed, we plugged in the outlet to the door.

This gave us enough room for the appliance to sit comfortably in the refrigerator without touching the floor.

For a smaller appliance, you would want to buy some more room for your refrigerator to store its appliance.

2 .

Cut the electrical wires to connect your appliances 3.

Install your fridge 4.

Check your fridge 5.

Add the refrigerator Now, the next step is to install your fridge into your