The best of 2018

In a series of posts this week, ESPN senior food writer Paul Lukas, the former editor of The New York Times’ Cooking section, will be tracking the trends that have shaped our favorite dining establishments.

In this first installment, he will break down the best of the best and reveal some of the most intriguing culinary trends that are shaping the future of our dining experiences.

We begin with our favorite chefs: In the first installment of this series, we focused on a new generation of chef-driven restaurants, where chefs and other designers are creating new recipes in a collaborative, collaborative way.

Today, we’re looking at the chefs who have created some of our most beloved restaurants: Black Kitchen, The Black Table, The Brown Duck, The Brasserie du Ch√Ęteau, The Cochinita Grill, The Crooked Stick, The Crab Shack, The Delano, The Eagle, The El Corazon, The Fritos, The Fortinbras, The Gourmand, The Grand, The Grub & Pies, The Haus, The Jackpot, The La Brea Bakery, The Le Creuset, The Limoncello, The Mackerel House, The Mad Mex, The Mangrove, The Marzano’s, The Meatball, The Monkfish, The Omelet, The Peroni, The Petite Camboue, The Ritz-Carlton, The Rose, The Shack, the Skillet, The South Fork, the St. Croix, The Tabernacle, The Tic Tac Tavern, the Tapas, and The Wallis.

Next, we take a look at the designers who are building new kitchens for a different era: The next generation of restaurant designers.

For example, while some of us might not think much of the concept of an upscale diner, many of us are now beginning to enjoy the food at a less conventional, more upscale restaurant.

Today’s food designers are looking to make that experience even better by designing their kitchens in a more modern, contemporary way.

For example, the Delano in the Dumbo, the Black Duck in the Little Italy, the Brasserie de la Grange in the Chateau, and the Crooked Stick in the Del Monte are some of today’s most popular restaurants.

Today they are all looking to modernize their kitchens, while still retaining their classic elegance.

We look at some of these chefs’ newest designs:The Brasserie des Esclaves is one of the newest restaurant design studios to take advantage of a new, modern style, and is working on the opening of their newest restaurant, the La Grange, in New York City.

The Black Table was founded by chef David Vigoda in the late 1990s and is one the newest and most exciting restaurant designers to emerge.

With their new dining room and new kitchen design for 2018, the chefs have created an experience that is distinctly their own: The Black Tables newest kitchen is designed in a style that is contemporary, modern, and contemporary in a way that is both elegant and intimate.

The restaurant is also working on a larger renovation, with plans to reopen in 2019.

The Black Box will be the new restaurant’s third restaurant.

The restaurant’s kitchen is set to open in early 2020.

The new kitchen features a large open dining area, a beautiful wood-fired fireplace, and a modern glass-enclosed bar.

The bar features two large oak stools, a large wood-burning stove, and three large stainless steel stools.

The kitchen’s menu is a combination of traditional Italian and American cuisine.

We continue with the best chefs today: Today we take on one of our favorite kitchens of all time: The Cochineas Brasserie.

The Cochinas Brasseries first kitchen was opened in 2009 by Chef Michael Kallstrom, who also created the award-winning Black Table in Brooklyn.

Since then, Chef Kallstra has created new styles for the Cochinans kitchens: the New York Style, the Italian Style, and now, the New Orleans Style.

The chef has been known to create unique, unique, and unique kitchen designs that are not only memorable, but also incredibly delicious.

Today we’re focusing on the new, innovative kitchen designs from the Cochines Brasserie: the Grand Cru, the Little Paris, and even a completely new kitchen.

The Grand Cru is a unique, contemporary French style restaurant that features a bold, contemporary, and playful menu.

Chef Kann is a chef who is passionate about his cuisine, and his kitchen is no exception.

The Grand Cru has an interesting, yet elegant, design, featuring a modern wood-grilled bar with a stone-and-brick ceiling.

It has an incredible view of the Hudson River, and offers a perfect place for outdoor dining.

The Little Paris is a Parisian-inspired restaurant, which is based on the concept that the food is created with love, attention,