What I learned about designing for small homes in the US

The idea of a tiny house is an attractive one, but it’s also an extremely challenging one.

The design process has become more complex, and a lot more complicated than it was in the early days of the tiny house movement.

In the US, tiny houses are increasingly being marketed as a way to move to a more affordable lifestyle and are attracting more and more people into the movement.

The concept of a house as a small space to live in is often associated with the tiny houses of New Zealand and other countries, but the concept of living in a tiny space is quite a different proposition in the UK.

The idea behind a tiny home is that you stay on the land and only have to share the space with other people when you want to make a big meal, like dinner or a night out.

You have your own small kitchen, but you share the kitchen with other neighbours and the garden, so it can grow and be used in a way that’s not overly crowded or crowded.

It can also be quite compact and very low maintenance.

You can take a break from your tiny house life when you are not on the road for a while.

When you are, it’s very different to living in the living room of your house, and so it’s a lot easier to manage.

A lot of small houses have been designed for people who want to live a minimalist lifestyle, where the living space is the smallest, and it’s really important that you don’t feel like you are competing with the space in which you live.

In a tiny-house world, it seems like the perfect space to go for a small meal.

I would love to live on a tiny island in the Mediterranean, where it’s much closer to the water, and there is a very nice sea view to enjoy, but in the tiny-houses world, that’s hard to come by.

So what are some of the advantages of living a tiny, modular lifestyle?

You can eat out for lunch, and you can also have a small dinner and then have the next meal after that.

You don’t have to worry about making a huge dinner to eat.

There are many small restaurants in the world that are very well-known.

You might not have a huge menu, but there are many restaurants in London that you can go to and have a meal with a great selection of local dishes, so that’s great.

You’re able to live small, because you’re not competing with your neighbours for space.

You’ve got a lot of people living nearby, so you’re able, if you want, to take a walk to do your shopping, or you can take your dog out for a walk.

You really do enjoy your small spaces and you don, too, because they don’t require as much work.

It’s really about finding the right balance between simplicity and having that space for yourself and for your family.

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