Milan: ‘A little bit like a kitchen for my family’

Milan have launched a new brand for their new European kitchen design.It was launched on Tuesday.The brand is based on the idea of a kitchen that’s a little bit for your family and a little more for your friends.This idea, based on an Italian tradition, is to create a kitchen where all the parts are […]

How to design a Mediterranean kitchen for a small kitchen

Designing a Mediterranean Kitchen is a great way to show off the Mediterranean lifestyle, and this simple Mediterranean kitchen design will show off that simplicity.This simple Mediterranean Kitchen design shows off the simplicity of the Mediterranean cuisine, and the Mediterranean style is all about using minimal and simple ingredients.A simple and clean design will make […]

Themed kitchen remodel designer explains how she makes a difference

Designer Stephanie Danker is the founder of Mediterranean Kitchen Design, an upscale restaurant remodel kitchen design firm that has designed restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Miami and Chicago.Dankers restaurant design studio specializes in high-end restaurants.Danks kitchen remodels for high-class restaurants include the $5,000 restaurant remodels at The Bowery in New York and the […]

What makes the Mediterranean a good kitchen design choice?

A Mediterranean restaurant may be a great way to have a great meal, but it is a bit of a mixed bag of design considerations.The best designs are usually based on the needs of the individual diners.It may be that diners prefer the traditional European style of kitchen, which is characterized by a large, rectangular […]

Tiny Kitchen Design: What to Know about Tiny Kitchen Tools

By now, you’ve probably seen or used one of the many free kitchen design tools to help you design a tiny kitchen.There are so many amazing kitchen design resources online, but for me, I have always felt like a minimalist kitchen designer would be better than an average one.TinyKitchen has made it easy for me […]

What’s the secret to creating an Indian kitchen?

When it comes to kitchen design and design ideas in India, there are some things that come to mind when thinking about a kitchen design.For instance, what is the secret behind creating an Italian or Indian style kitchen design?Well, that’s actually a pretty easy question to answer.For a long time, the main idea behind a […]

The modern small kitchen is coming to the Caribbean

In an effort to diversify its menu offerings, restaurants are starting to offer up their kitchen layouts in a variety of ways.CBC’s Carol Off recently caught up with restaurateur Steve O’Connor, who runs O’Conners Italian Kitchen in Jamaica, and explained how the concept is taking off.O’Connor has been making Italian cuisine for over 30 years.He […]